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RE: Heading the ball - link to dementia by Burniston User: Burniston

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My gut feeling is that as the vast majority of dementia patients don’t even play football, then heading the ball is not a real issue as long as the players are fit and healthy. Again my gut feeling is that it is more down to the ‘Western’ way of life and what we put into our bodies. Heavy metals like mercury & aluminium (who drink out of cans?) are a major issue. For example it has been proved that the mercury in amalgam fillings damages the brain but the dental industry is turning a blind eye to it because of profits. A ban on amalgam is already coming in for pregnant women and children & it is a matter of time before it is banned altogether. I for one will never have another amalgam filling again & wish I knew earlier in my life to prevent the ones I do have. Of course this is just an example but there are others. Why risk corporate profits when you can blame something else like heading a ball?


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