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tbf to ross if he has a job that the shifts are 7 - 10 thats the new world, lads working in the local factory 7 - 3 are long gone, the commitment to play at our level is huge in time.. have to be at every game .at least an hour before kick off means that for any boro or close playe that means a job working saturday mornings is impossible as you cant get to the far side of the pennines ramsbottom etc in 2 hours. equally you d have to be on the road for 4pm for any evening away game. frankly i dont know how any of them do it.

One of the 500 that was at Hunmanby, One of the 5000 that saw Shaun Chadburn bag our first goal and one of the 50000 who leapt in the air when Tommo netted against Tevie

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