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…in terms of man-management or lack of. Logan is right to be livid if the manager has said he wants to be an impact sub and he hasn’t said that. I mean, why would a player say that? Does any player at any level want to be on the bench? I don’t think so. It seemed odd at the time, and seems even more so now.

I don’t understand why the player gets criticised for posting something publicly on social media and letting things ‘out of the dressing room’. Yet the manager has also gone public with something ‘from the dressing room’ by telling everyone what has supposedly been said. It can’t work one way and not the other, plus the manager should lead by example if he doesn’t want things out in public.

Going right back to the start, I also don’t think the manager needs to justify his selection publicly (even though it made absolutely no sense to me personally). It would’ve avoided all this from the start.

Not sure on finances as I don’t have the numbers, but you would expect we would be one of the highest spenders on wages int the league, if rumours of players wages are to be believed.

The final judgement on the manager will be at the end of the season as people have stated, but those who know football will know these signs are the start of things potentially unfurling. Potentially. I hope not.

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