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I haven’t seen the highlights - Where are they?
I remember at the time we should have been given a foul just before their 2nd goal. They got away with murder compared to us with fouls and the least said about that ref the better. Bamber are a decent side and were well up for it whereas we were a bit rusty not having played for 2 weeks. I think we created more chances but didn’t take them and the few that Bamber got they took them well. As in many games it could have gone either way. I can accept (grudgingly) getting beaten by a better side but what spoilt it for me was that ref’s performance - it took me days to get over it and I feel he really spoiled the game. He got so many decisions wrong that both teams were boiling over & he just about lost control of the match. What was a yellow card for us wasn’t even a talking to, when Nightingale (a great player) slid in with studs showing.

Things will play out more clearly by the end of this month as Bamber & Hyde have to play each other twice - so at least one of them is going to lose points.


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