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I’ve read the article - although I’ve no idea whether Geoff Thompson is speaking as Chairman / owner, or Chairman / figurehead (like Trevor).

I have no issue with him outlining his ambition for the club. I’m sure many supporters have similar aspirations (and possibly greater still) for SAFC. Without ambition though, we would struggle to attract the right quality of player, the right Management team, encourage greater local business participation, and an even larger supporter (and ownership) base. Who’d want to be involved if they knew we were just going through the motions? The thing is, I can’t see us achieving those ambitions without changes to the club’s ownership structure.

A couple of years back, at the Corporation Club, SK mentioned Conference North, and a wage bill of £9k p.wk. (If my memory serves me right). I can’t see us generating that sort of cash through the turnstyle, extra sponsorship, golden goal tickets, which in itself provides a ceiling to what might be achievable. It’s 3 times our player wage bill now - based on the last lot of figures. Please don’t give me the Barcelona excuse. We’re a small town by the seaside, with half our catchment area, water, sand, fish and plastic! To that end, to match our ambition, we may need to consider changes and a goodbye to the principles of 100% fan ownership - With safeguards in place obviously.

I accept that won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but if we retain those ambitions, at some point we could well be faced with a question.

Ambition or Principles?



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