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Cheers Gents.

Time to close this thread down though eh?

If Trevor was to make a statement similar to GT, what would it say?

Tree - that summary is about right. I’m not saying I don’t have reservations, but in the right circumstances and protection in place etc - I’d consider it. Dewsbury, No, not the input of a chunk of money and when its gone, its gone. Regular commitment to covering ongoing expenses. It would need plenty of due diligence etc to make sure it was the right fit / character / means etc. In my mind, we’d ’sell’ a proportion of the club for a nominal figure on a legal written agreement that if they ever wanted to walk away a) they’d have to give x months notice and b) we’d get first option to buy the share back for the same nominal figure. As I said previously, no money going in as a loan, and no overall control.

I accept we need to try maximise our revenue streams, I’m just not sure what those might be that would generate the sort of sums required. Speaking with Board members at the North Ferriby game, I understand that progress is now being made with the new stand. BUT we’re improving a site that isn’t ours. Apart from filling it with more supporters once a fortnight, we’ll rarely be using it to generate those extra funds.

We’ve had a great ride so far, and all without a sugar daddy - so why change a model that has worked ok so far? Can’t knock that argument if I’m honest.

BUT how will we all feel if, come the end of the season, we remain top and achieve that promotion? (apart from incredibly happy and excited!) SK goes to the Board in May and says that wef 1st July, to be competitive we need to fund a wage bill of £9k p.wk. Trevor turns round and says (politely) no chance, and SK walks, saying something on the lines of I’ve taken you as far as I can and/or the club don’t match my ambitions.

Yes I have mixed feelings, and some concerns. I just don’t want to discount a change to our ownership structure out of hand.

Regards all.


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