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The Scarborough News site has become a bit of a nightmare in recent months/years. I know it has to pay its way but you end up with more adverts than actual content at times. Take SK’s column which Martin posted a link to. At the top is a (video and audio) advert for getting a free sky movie when you collect 4 promotional packs of something, below that is an advert which flashes and doesn’t stay on the same bit long enough to work out what it’s for - something to do with skills.
Then the article gets underway, (although before it does there’s an advert for Oreos underneath Kittirick’ picture). After the byline there is a promotional feature from American Express, then the article actually does start. 4 lines later there’s a “promoted by British Business bank" advert and then 4 sentences later a Jet2Holidays advert. 4 further sentences, and another Jet2Holidays advert (Groundhog day). After the next sentence is a link to the TSN news article about it being time to support our shops. Fair enough but why put it at that point in the article. At the end of the article is (you guessed it) another Jet2Holidays advert. Seven more large adverts for various things then fill the rest of the page. That’s not mentioning anything down the left or right hand sides!!

Give me the SAFCTV highlights any day. Bizarrely the fact the Mainline ad is included as part of the actual video (and so you could in theory skip through it) means I never do and always treat it as part of the package. It never feels as intrusive as all the Scarborough news adverts

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