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Just curious - has anyone attended games where this new system is being applied? I think its in the NE Cts league & below. How did it work? Or was it even used?

Personally Im not keen on the concept. At pub league and even bottom end semi-pro, I think it will be v hard to police properly.
Also, if a side is, say 6-0 up at h.t., they could use this to take a little breather - call the ref a clown [email protected]&ker, and have a sit down for 10 mins - then your mate does the same, etc. Or if you have a niggle, rather than being subbed, just abuse the ref a bit, and get a break for physio attention, or a trip to the loo….

(It would be funny in the Prem Lge, tho’…. for example Roy Keane sent to sit on the naughty step at Anfield, with a ’strop clock’ running on him…)

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