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The referee was very odd, the uncontested drop ball at which he allowed them to whip a ball into the box was ridiculous! As well as giving offside from a goal kick! In terms of Boro’s performance, it was very good to say there will have been one training session with a new manager playing a new formation, which worked very well in my opinion. Thomson is a great player at this level, hopefully we can keep him long term. I know he has had stick on here in the past, but Johnson played well. Won every header, and was probably the most comfortable on the ball in the back 3. Fishley also had a good game at RWB, played an unbelievable cross field ball in the 2nd half! Coulo and Wally also had a bit more of a spring in their step, I think the manager will be the type to squeeze an extra 10% out of everybody. As I previously said, think several of the current squad will be moved on in the coming weeks with hopefully a few coming in. Coates should be like a new signing when he comes back, need a left footed option at LWB and a defensively minded CM who can get about the pitch to allow Dawson, Coulson, Walshaw and Thomson to go forward and create chances. Loved the passion from Kelly at full time, and he comes across really well when interviewed. Exciting times! UTB

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