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Interesting how we see things differently. I thought Kian was one of our better players and certainly for effort. He just has a habit of trying to beat too many players sometimes but I am very impressed with him and his future. I wouldn’t say anybody had a bad day although there were one or two a bit below their usual good standard. Overall a good performance, well deserved of the win and only the 4th time Whitby have been beaten this year - they are a decent side.

Can anybody explain to me why Wally got a yellow card at the end - from where we were, it looked like he was the one who got fouled. Ref let them get away with some bad stuff early on & was in danger of losing control at one stage. Their No9 was a pain in the arse with some dangerous lunging tackles & falling over when hardly touched and then he was chipping away at the ref as though he was being hard done by. It was way ironic that the 1st yellow card went to us and yes that drop ball was something else I’ve never seen before as it was the same as giving a free kick to Whitby in a dangerous area instead of letting one team kick the ball back into a neutral area. Bad ref’ing & bad sportsmanship from Whitby. Pleased for DK on his debut and well done the seadog fans for that great support.


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