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To clear my comment up Geoff, I just get a little depressed when I only read negative posts from individuals and I’d include you in that bracket. Most contributors are balanced with praise where it’s due and criticism when warranted. You support the club primarily through Wally’s involvement and I know you go to virtually all of the games and that’s great commitment and I’m sure the club value this. However when Wally calls it a day (and it will be a sad one because he is an outstanding footballer at this level and I’ve been privileged to witness what he’s brought to the club) I presume you will no longer attend games (although I’d like to think part of you will always follow safc) and hence the negative posts will cease. That’s all I meant. All a bit daft really, from me and you, when all we want is the club to so well. So I’ll stop posting and say hello at the first game I’m back.

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