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Live Streaming feedback by Old Git

Posted: 7/9/2020 at 13:34:58, 158 views.

As I swan about town on my bike or while I’m organising stomping Diggers Nut Brown Flake inspired
raves in the Donkey Field, conversation occasionally turns to the experience of Boro’s
live streaming of Pre-season games.
As fellow ravers await one more stomping tune by Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen or something more mellow
from Acker Bilk’s clarinet a common theme seems to be that the Boro commentators need to up their game.

It’s ok having a conversation with your mate at a game but for online streaming you have to give up on
muttering to your pal in the next seat because those listening online haven’t a clue what you’re saying.
You don’t need to fill every minute with garbled asides as viewers have moving images that provide us
with the information.

It is not a radio commentary so you can allow periods of quiet to collect your thoughts and
speak more slowly and when you do, open your mouth and speak clearly.
That way viewers won’t be asking those in the same room or prison cell, (is J. Russell out now?),
‘what was that?, who scored?, did the Screw see what happened?’ ‘ or whatever.

Have to say the video quality is excellent and the commentary really only needs a bit of tweaking.
So carry on the good work

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