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RE: It appears some form of pre-muting is in place by YS

Posted: 7/9/2020 at 14:30:50, 163 views. In reply to 'It appears some form of pre-muting is in place'

“I have spoken to several people who’ve watched the streamed games
and the issues with them have been clear.
If you want pay to view then improve the quality of commentary.
It is isn’t difficult.

Great, we should have several people lined up to do better then given how easy it is. I’m sure those that do give up their valuable time to provide this service, whether that be free of charge or with a charge, would appreciate their time back and to sit back watch and listen to the experts. Other option is for the club to employ a professional commentator once it moves to a PPV service so it can (hopefully) satisfy the several people who have issue?
Anyway, enough dithering, I am about to go write a disgruntled letter to Sky Sports as I am not a particular fan of Martin Tyler. How dare he laugh during commentary. It’s not difficult to contain your amusement whilst at work.

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