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RE: Bitter by Uptheboro

Posted: 23/5/2021 at 13:49:06, 169 views. In reply to 'Bitter'

Why would I be feeling bitter im just expressing my opinion if we all don’t follow your opinion were classed as bitter anyway why wasn’t Jono giving the job when he applied the past 2 or 3 times I remember when the laughable John deacey was giving the job he was the right man for the job we were all told look what happened there we need a manager with proven experience in this league for his connection with players etc I wish jono greening well and hope he does do something but I can’t see it myself whats the point of having the best stadium in our league and leagues above when the team isn’t upto it on the pitch if we had a winning team the fans would be there week in week out we could easy get another 500 to a 1000 a week if we were top of the league look at South sheilds properly run club and there going places while we stand still manager after manager im not bitter at all just disillusioned with 40 years of bull following scarborough

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