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Thankyou nick finch for your comment im not after a argument or anything you have done well getting them back too where they are now but none of this should ever of been allowed in the first place I’ve been too Barnet I’ve been to crewe I’ve been to torquay United I’ve been too Portsmouth Oldham Southampton Southend in all those years we only had 2 really good managers in Neil warnock and stevie wicks those were the exciting times the rest have been crap really we need a team too be proud of again the first season we came home from brid was amazing the whole town were behind the club again the crowds were up everything was positive again seeing people wearing boro shirts etc and it seems too have stalled again since then I know this pandemic hasn’t helped but seeing poor Nathan cartman struggling up front on his own while James walshaw left was shocking we have the opportunity too get going again this season and make the whole town proud again and I don’t think this was the best appointment we could have made I really hope jono does well but I can’t see it myself we need the managers from Leeds way and up north too bring the players in we need im sorry if I have upset anyone but all we want is a team to be proud of again !!!!!

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