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we have a lot to be grateful for to those 250 main stand season ticket holders they ve all stumped up 200 quid well in advance of the season to keep the club afloat when we are income light as have all the standing season ticket holders

it is fair to say that there were empty seats in the stand and it will be always thus but they have all been paid for and the club had the money in the bank months before a ball was kicked at flamingo land resort stadium. moving forward the view and facilities are such that the price for the seats should rise a premium of a couple of quid would still be very cheap.

how many empty seats..? well on my row we started with 5 empty seats. two single and a group of 3. now at half time the group of three came and sat down in the seats whilst eating there pies when the game restarted one of them went back to the standing to rejoin his mates on the terraces..the other two stayed for the rest of the game.. and yes they were the ticket holders..

i for one will possibly miss half a dozen home games.. and frankly after queueing for 45 minutes on the york bypass i might miss more.. why on earth in 2017 is this traffic issue not getting sorted wtf is going on.. 10 years ago it was poor now its atrocious and a significant barrier to travelling east of york.. but those half dozen games if anyone wants to make use of my ticket for a significant donation to club funds i d be happy to let someone make use of it.. Starting with South Shields..

One of the 500 that was at Hunmanby, One of the 5000 that saw Shaun Chadburn bag our first goal and one of the 50000 who leapt in the air when Tommo netted against Tevie

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