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“That’s what we all want, that’s the game that we grew up on. It should still be football for the people”

Agreed - but given the scale of the finances at the top of the game and the level of “reward” those involved at that level now expect it’s hard to see how we can put the genie back in the bottle - a genie that’s been running wild for the past 30 years since the launch of the PL

The cost of attending a PL game in real terms is far greater than it was to attended Div 1 30 years ago & “gate money” is now only a relatively small percentage of income for most top clubs

Call me a cynic but the outrage coming from that “Left behind 14” strikes me not as righteous anger but sour grapes that they too had not been included in the plan - short memories at those clubs who themselves had pulled a similar trick when the PL was founded

I think Guadiola’s intervention was important when he said “ it’s not sport if success does not depend on effort “

Pat Nevin is mentioned in the Guardian article and I also heard him being interviewed on Radio and he put forward a thought that Real & Barca in particular were backing this idea as they saw it as their last chance to avoid being overwhelmed by clubs increasingly backed by sovereign wealth funding

We’ve come a long way from Sheffield F.C. in 1857 !

Meanwhile back in the real world - UTB

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