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One of my favourite parts of this guy’s incoherent ignorant drivel is the bit where he says we shouldn’t have built the new stand as it spoilt the atmosphere in the stand behind the goal (you know, the one that has 4 shallow steps that everyone was crushed in and didn’t provide any cover for all the people standing in front of it) and should have blown the money on the squad instead. Seemingly completely ignorant to the fact that the vast majority of the money for it was from grants and money from the council from ground sponsorship which had been ring-fenced for ground improvements only. Not forgetting the fact that we wouldn’t be able to play in the higher levels for very long with the ground as it was, so what would have been the point of spending the money on a team with the aim of playing at higher levels that the ground wasn’t fit for. Who exactly would have paid for the ground improvements then? Idiot :)

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