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Yesterday… by Dunno

Posted: 16/7/2017 at 19:22:57, 212 views.

The board of Directors and volunteers should be very proud of themselves, you excelled and did yourselves, your club, those no longer with us and your town proud. I take my hat off to you for having the dedication and determination to do what you have all done. I admire it the more as I simply don’t have in my fibre to dedicate myself to do what you have done. At our level, the simplicity of turning up and watching a game of football is only possible with ‘Local Heroes’ like yourselves. I had a tear in my eye during the minutes applause, looking around the whole ground and soaking it up whilst considering what has occurred in the recent past and I reckon they’d be damn proud of you too.

The one thing which was outstanding to me was how professional we would have looked to someone who has never been before. Right from being greeted outside the turnstiles by the chap collecting for the juniors, the smoothness of the turnstile entry, the A5 flyers being handed out immediately inside the ground. These flyers were an excellent idea, all information about becoming a joint owner etc.. on one side, the seasons fixtures on the other. I read in the programme (again excellent) that Are Guttelvik thinks we should “treat both sponsors and fans in way so they will come back for another season". I agree wholeheartedly and yesterday was a fine foundation upon which to build that.

That photo from the Donkey Field looking at the South Stand from @paulmac71 on twitter is a timeless classic and (hopefully) il be looking at that in 50 years time with fond memories of yesterday. It captures the whole moment in one photograph and I love it. From the young kid in the red top stood on something at the near side end of the stand peering round to see the result of the corner, the ball boys sat pitch side either side of the goal, the boro union jack flag, the perfectly manicured lines on the pitch, the white gazebo from which the programmes and the “TEAM SHEETS 20P" were sold, the packed terrace and the three lads in the background near the ambulance trying to sneak a free view. There’s more to that photo than a simple corner kick and I reckon you’d make the club a couple of quid selling framed copies of it!

I’m sat here with a big stupid grin on my face, very happy to be from Scarborough and support the club I do. Nice one.

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all my troubles seemed so far away n/t by The fifth Beatle User: seadog365

Posted: 16/7/2017 at 20:24:52, 145 views. In reply to 'Yesterday…'

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Nice post Dunno by Burniston User: Burniston

Posted: 17/7/2017 at 15:33:55, 117 views. In reply to 'Yesterday…'


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