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u13 cup win by Dunno

Posted: 24/4/2018 at 19:01:59, 194 views.

I’ve had a beer so may ramble for a minute, sorry!

I saw an excellent point made on twitter earlier by someone about the under 13s winning their cup final and the future of the club (I think it may have been the esteemed leader of this very site but I’m not sure who is who around here).

I must admit I missed it with the excitement of the weekend but the essence of a community club and local sports team is the provision of the said sport for future generations. Not only has everyone who has contributed in the last few years ensure our progression up the league, they now appear to have laid some very firm foundations for the generations of the future to carry on this same love for Boro when we are all pushing up daisies, to me this is more important than a promotion. Those boys in the video will have been 1 or 2 years old when all the bru ha ha went on 11 years ago. The elation you see from them is a result of their effort, but more importantly a result of every ounce of blood, sweat toil and tears you have all put in over the last decade or so to enable it to occur

I doff my cap to everyone involved in reigniting the fire.

to all you not on the twitter, watch this and try not to smile! -

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t’was I indeed… by snainton seadog User: snainton seadog

Posted: 24/4/2018 at 19:16:10, 181 views. In reply to 'u13 cup win'

Those kids would have been under 2 when we folded. Imagine if we’d not started SAFC….


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