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Quick assessment by Cynic

Posted: 11/9/2018 at 21:55:37, 439 views.

Best team on night won. Well done to Marine. We played like we did in first half against N. Ferriby. We were particularly poor at the back.

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RE: Quick assessment by Armchairdog User: Armchairdog

Posted: 11/9/2018 at 22:09:31, 397 views. In reply to 'Quick assessment'

We seem to be very inconsistent so far this season, blowing hot and cold….one half we play very well, another we’re poor. That’s been the case in most games I think.

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RE: Quick assessment by Geoff hooley

Posted: 11/9/2018 at 23:27:24, 391 views. In reply to 'Quick assessment'

Diabolical at the back😢 a couple of defenders should have a long look at there performance tonite + the cover we have is woeful.

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Re: assessment by Tommy Wooton

Posted: 12/9/2018 at 00:00:12, 470 views. In reply to 'Quick assessment'

The team collectively were poor tonight, with average performances at best. The style of football we are playing far too often is also poor. The persistent use of the long, high ball makes it look like we have lost the ability to pass a ball successfully along the ground and are relinquishing responsibility for the ball by just kicking it up and away. Training this week should concentrate on pass and move - get back to basics. I’ve lost count how many times a goal kick comes straight back, the midfielders are chasing back and forth, leaving big gaps in the middle, and it is so predictable that teams negate Walshaw by sandwiching him between two players and so we are getting involved in melees. Just a personal observation - I prefer to see Valentine play the more defensive role in midfield and Cadman to play further up in order to maximise their strengths. However, tonight is probably best put to bed and let’s move on hopefully to better things!

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true by Cynic

Posted: 12/9/2018 at 08:07:33, 401 views. In reply to 'Re: assessment '

Especially regarding Wally being isolated against two defenders (often bigger than him) and having to fight for a high ball. Even if he won it there’s nobody near him to knock it on to. Last year him and Coulo created numerous opportunities because of their link play, just not happening at the moment. Let’s hope Dr Jekhll turns up on saturday.

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True by Stepney Seadog 1

Posted: 12/9/2018 at 13:59:13, 385 views. In reply to 'true'

Re. True. Actually Dr. Jekhil was sat in the stands. Agree with Cynic re. Wally. Why change the pattern., as when Coulson played wide on the left, he came inside on his favourite right foot and scored great goals from distance, also perfect crosses. Now he seems to play alongside Walshaw and results in scrambles in the penalty area. Recent goals (exc. Hyde) have been such. Never realised how much we missed Max and his pace. Defence is shaky under pressure. In fairness Marine scored two fantastic goals , I eagerly await playing Basford and the team he chooses.!

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