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FA Cup by Dewsbury User: Dewsbury

Posted: 21/11/2018 at 08:55:00, 317 views.

I went to the FA Cup replay between Bradford City and Aldershot Town last night. Now I know City are having a terrible season and are currently rooted to the bottom of League 1, so I was expecting the attendance to be poor. Only the lower half of the west stand was open for home fans, and the attendance was a very poor 2248. However, I had a quick flick through the other FA Cup replays last night, and there was a pattern of abysmally low crowd figures for Football League clubs at home.

Charlton Athletic v Mansfield Town 1910
Cheltenham Town v Ebbsfleet United 1435
Doncaster Rovers v Chorley 3048
Forest Green Rovers v Oxford United 1614

OK, I know Forest Green don’t get massive crowds, but that figure is still below their season average. What’s going on? Is the FA Cup now viewed so poorly by League clubs and fans alike? When did this happen? By contrast, non-league clubs seem to still revel in taking part in the competition. Or even “traditionally" non-league clubs such as Crawley whose crowd last night was 3120, around a 1000 more than their average this season.

Even at the early stages of the competition, our crowds for FA Cup matches still hold up, regardless of the level of the opposition. Is that a sign of respect for the Cup itself? And is it disrespectful of the fans of League clubs to not show up for Cup matches against lowly opposition?

Simon Cope - Was Chair Of Something Some Time Ago

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RE: FA Cup by Malton Seadog User: Malton Seadog

Posted: 21/11/2018 at 10:18:40, 232 views. In reply to 'FA Cup'

599 Chorley fans at Doncaster, meaning just 2,449 paying home supporters. Their average gate is 7,905 (with away fans included).

424 Southend fans at Crawley, so 2,696 home supporters - more than Doncaster and Bradford!

I think there are a few things at play here. The FA Cup to League clubs can be a little like the Doodson Cup for us. Doncaster, for example, were playing for an away tie at Charlton (also League One) in the next round. If they draw at Charlton, and know that they’ll be at Manchester United, Arsenal, or Chelsea in the third round if they win the replay, it’ll be more than coincidence that the replay would be attended by the best part of 15,000. As it was, it was a horribly cold, November night, against a Conference North team, for a prize of a game away at a team in the same league. I’m not making excuses for Doncaster, but you can start to see why some fans might give it a miss. Tickets were only £10 though - so still disappointing.

It wasn’t just the replays either - Grimsby only had 1,900 there for the original Saturday game, and Accrington 1,200.

How do you make the 1st and 2nd Round of the cup more attractive? Simple on paper, but it’d never happen. Get the Premier League teams and Championship teams in at Round 1, and, as I believe is the case in Italy and/or Germany, the top tier team is always drawn away in the early rounds. Yes they might play their reserves, but it’d make the whole thing more attractive for League One to Non-League clubs. That would mean that the 32 non-league clubs who made it through might be drawn away at Accrington, but might also be drawn at home to Manchester City. The top tier clubs don’t take the FA Cup seriously anyway, so you might as well get them in earlier in the competition.

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RE: FA Cup by joshlawrance User: joshlawrance

Posted: 21/11/2018 at 10:47:15, 295 views. In reply to 'FA Cup'

I can’t really explain it or put my finger on it but i am 30 and don’t get excited about the FA Cup as a stand out competition… I just like winning, so if its the Doodson or the FA Cup or NRSC or any cup, to me they are all equal. the FA Cup has a little more because 1. my parents have that same buzz like you do Simon and 2. You get a decent amount of cash for getting through 4 + rounds.

but that’s it. I cant explain why its like that but you can surmise from there.

i’m not even that young anymore!

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