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RIP Gordon Banks, World Cup winner with England by Old Git

Posted: 12/2/2019 at 10:03:55, 349 views.

best keeper in the world & ex-Boro
A true footballing hero, the original ‘Banksy’.

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This is a save. by Old Git

Posted: 12/2/2019 at 10:24:42, 427 views. In reply to 'RIP Gordon Banks, World Cup winner with England '

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Not forgetting that Colin Appleton was by Old Git

Posted: 12/2/2019 at 12:13:23, 462 views. In reply to 'This is a save.'

Banks’ Captain & team mate at Leicester City
and they played in 2 F.A. Cup finals for the Foxes.

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My favourite Gordon Banks save by Old Git

Posted: 12/2/2019 at 12:55:38, 493 views. In reply to 'Not forgetting that Colin Appleton was'

was one I’ve never seen.
It was on December 15, 1971 and was the League Cup Semi-final 2nd leg
between West Ham & Stoke City.

West Ham had won the first leg 2-1 at Stoke and Stoke were leading 1-0 at West Ham
when the Hammers were awarded a penalty.
I was working an evening shift at Reuters on Fleet Street and I was watching the
Teleprinter for the lastest prices of stocks and shares coming in from around the world
as part of my job working on the American Markets Desk.

All my ‘Desk’ colleagues were West Ham suppporters and they were gathered around
the next Teleprinter, the one that brought in the UK Sports News.
They all cheered so I had a look at the message on their Teleprinter it read
‘Penalty awarded to West Ham’
A few seconds and the Teleprinter burst into life ‘Geoff Hurst takes Penalty’
It was now tense in the office until once again the Teleprinter started up and the message was
‘Banks saves penalty’.
I really enjoyed that as it went all quiet and I shouted ‘Banksy Banksy’.
It was good revenge for me as I’d been in work on 20th November 1971
when Hartlepool hammered Boro 6-1 in the F.A. Cup and my ‘colleagues’ had a good laugh at that.

That save meant that the teams were tied after 2 legs and it took 2 replays before Stoke won through
to the final by beating West ham 3-2 in a game that saw Bobby Moore take over in
the West Ham goal for 20 mins.
The Hammers goalkeeper Bobby Ferguson was receiving treatment so Bobby Moore went between the sticks.
Moore saved a penalty but the taker, Mike Bernard, followed up and scored from the rebound.

About the Banks save that I never saw
From the Daily Mail
“Gordon Banks last night made one of the greatest saves of his distinguished career,
at Upton Park, to stop West Ham from going into the League Cup final at Wembley on March 4″.
Stoke went on to beat Chelsea 2-1 in that final.

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There you go OG by Cynic

Posted: 12/2/2019 at 15:26:27, 337 views. In reply to 'My favourite Gordon Banks save'

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Thanks for that. by Old Git

Posted: 12/2/2019 at 15:44:43, 386 views. In reply to 'There you go OG'

Definitely first time I’ve seen it.
Just watched it 6 times.
Once for each of my former colleagues.
Banksy! Banksy! Banksy! Banksy! Banksy! Banksy!

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A vague recollection of Gordon Banks at Boro… by Battersea (unreg)

Posted: 12/2/2019 at 18:17:34, 381 views. In reply to 'Thanks for that.'

Obviously a long time ago now, I can remember that it was AFTER his eye injury following his car accident.

Also I think it was just one guest appearance? Can’t remember the details of opponents etc…

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RE: A vague recollection of Gordon Banks at Boro… by Seamer unreg

Posted: 12/2/2019 at 19:18:39, 279 views. In reply to 'A vague recollection of Gordon Banks at Boro…'

From Steve Adamson’s The Official History. “Gordon Banks and winger Alan A’Court, guested in the opening match, a 0-0 draw at home to Monza in front of a 3,110 crowd in 1976.

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RE: A vague recollection of Gordon Banks at Boro… by Terry Hope

Posted: 12/2/2019 at 19:21:05, 349 views. In reply to 'A vague recollection of Gordon Banks at Boro…'

Yes he played against Monza in the Anglo Italian competition in May 1976 in a guest appearance. Kept a clean sheet as well in a goalless draw. I’m sure he helped swell the crowd to over 3000.

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Re : My favourite Gordon Banks save by BoroNo7 User: BoroNo7

Posted: 13/2/2019 at 09:02:15, 408 views. In reply to 'My favourite Gordon Banks save'

I’ve been watching football now for over 65 years and in that time the best goalkeeping display I ever saw involved Gordon Banks

I say “involved” as he was only half of that display

The match in question was Wednesday v Leicester at Hillsborough in Dec 1965 - keeping goal for Wednesday was the England international the great Ron Springett, whose younger brother Peter is an ex-Boro keeper.In 1966 Banks and Springett were the 2 goalies in the World Cup Winning squad

The match ended 0-0 but it was the most entertaining 0-0 I have ever seen, it should have been about 5-5. I’ve never seen a game before or since where both keepers had an absolute blinder ,both sets of forwards must have come off feeling totally cheated.It was an end to end match and it seemed as though when. Banks made a brilliant save next time the ball was at the Wednesday end Springett thought “ just watch this then” and made an equally great save - and so it went on vice versa for 90 minutes

Thanks for the memory Gordon….and Ron

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No goals but obviously value for money by Old Git

Posted: 13/2/2019 at 11:49:20, 430 views. In reply to 'Re : My favourite Gordon Banks save '

watching two goalkeeping greats.

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And a total gentleman by burns

Posted: 14/2/2019 at 08:58:55, 388 views. In reply to 'No goals but obviously value for money'

another link to scarbororough was the York Stoke fa cup game in early 1969, at the time stoke were still the buyers of old internationals that were let go towards the end of their careers like George Eastham, David Herd and Peter Dobing but somehow also snaffled Gordon Banks. The whole team stayed at the Grand Hotel for a week, trained on the beach and kept many school kids entertained for half the school holidays.The whole team were absolute entertainers, couldn’t find enough time for the kids with mountains of autographs and chats but easily the most approachable and helpful and an absolute gentleman was Gordon Banks.

What chance a premier league squad training on a snow covered beach?

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