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Rudy funk by Boro345

Posted: 24/3/2019 at 07:29:30, 444 views.

I have been seeing a lot of talk about Rudy returning to the club, surely the board are not considering this as it would be a massive step backwards, will always be a club legend but we need a new man with new ideas

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RE: Rudy funk by Tree unreg

Posted: 24/3/2019 at 10:21:08, 349 views. In reply to 'Rudy funk'

I don’t see it myself. Rudy was great for the club, but I think it’s been repeatedly shown that he’s had his success at levels below our present standard.

SK was the right appointment at the right time, having experience at this level and above. I’d like to see us following a similar pattern this time out, someone with a track record at this level and beyond.

That said, and to contradict myself slightly, I’d love to see Kev Nicholson considered. He did a stalwart job at Torquay. I’m not sure if the geography works, he looks to be based in the south west still, but would be worth a conversation to find out.

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RE: RE: Rudy funk by Boro345

Posted: 24/3/2019 at 13:27:18, 354 views. In reply to 'RE: Rudy funk'

Agreed, although my choice is Darren Kelly from Hyde seems to have some very good coaching qualifications and has done s decent job at Hyde with a rubbish budget

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RE: RE: RE: Rudy funk by Cynic

Posted: 24/3/2019 at 13:36:40, 376 views. In reply to 'RE: RE: Rudy funk'

a) Do we know it’s a rubbish budget


b) Geography and demographics probably means you get more for your budget in gtr Manchester than N.Yorks.

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RE: Rudy funk by Cumbria seadog

Posted: 24/3/2019 at 13:34:52, 322 views. In reply to 'Rudy funk'

Rudy was at Buxton yesterday

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