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End of 19-20 and prospects for 20-21 by Farsley Arkan User: Farsley Arkan

Posted: 6/5/2020 at 18:55:19, 430 views.

Dunno about you folk, but for me, there was still too much football to be played - a good quarter of the season OR MORE in this country, to be able to award titles, promotions/relegations etc based on the current standings.
The PL is gung-ho due to the money from TV that they are desperate for. They seem keen to risk infection & lives to try to keep their paymasters happy.

As part of this, the thinking seems to be playing matches behind closed doors. Of course the PL is about the only div in the world that can afford to not have supporters turn up/pay in. The rest of us….

The closed door idea seems to involve around 300 people being in a ground - players, staff, cameramen, etc.

Sooo - if that applies across the board, could they then actually LET non-league football happen in 20-21 as ‘normal’? Hear me out.
If games are played with squads of 14-15 each, manager, physio, refs, a couple of club people to switch on the lights etc… then this is under 40 by my reckoning. So they could then allow 250 or so supporters in.
In the NPL and below that is around the average for crowds I’d say. Don’t have away support (travelling issues/possible ongoing restrictions). Pickering for example probably don’t get that on a good day, so take the 10-15 away fans from Marine out of the equation, and they could let in their usual attendance, and play ‘normally’ - with the gate funds then helping to actually fund the whole thing. Otherwise it is just a reliance of someone/organisation footing the whole bill for players wages etc.

I am certainly against trying to play soon - the summer is just too soon for me & things will have changed, so it isn’t the same level of competitive integrity (one of their phrases) in any case. Injured players returning, some will inevitable transfer as out of contract. Fingers crossed football could return for season 20-21 in Sept onwards. This way at least those clubs who need the money most- semi-pro non league - can earn their money usual IF football is allowed.

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RE: End of 19-20 and prospects for 20-21 by Farsley Arkan User: Farsley Arkan

Posted: 6/5/2020 at 18:57:32, 434 views. In reply to 'End of 19-20 and prospects for 20-21'

Further, I appreciate Safc get a larger crowd than that, but if there is to be football in future, better money from 250 folk than none at all to help you pay for side rent on he ground etc.
Just season ticket holders in only? A lottery for getting 1 of the 250 golden tickets?

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RE: RE: End of 19-20 and prospects for 20-21 by Cynic

Posted: 6/5/2020 at 20:48:13, 395 views. In reply to 'RE: End of 19-20 and prospects for 20-21'

Thanks for in put Arkan but personally I don’t see how size of crowd is that relevant? If it can be transmitted in crowds because of lack of social distancing then surely it’s only a matter of scale and there will be transmissions regardless of whether it’s Farsley, Scarborough or Man Utd?

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RE: RE: RE: End of 19-20 and prospects for 20-21 by seadog365 User: seadog365

Posted: 6/5/2020 at 22:03:03, 388 views. In reply to 'RE: RE: End of 19-20 and prospects for 20-21'

I presume his point was if the crowd is limited to (for example 250 or 500) then social distancing WOULD be possible in theory, everyone standing (or sitting) apart from each other (except those who lived together) although it would be very limiting on both our income and our atmosphere.

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Let’s put it this way… by the original seadogx

Posted: 7/5/2020 at 18:47:48, 697 views. In reply to 'End of 19-20 and prospects for 20-21'

If rather than stopping a virus spreading you wanted to actually spread it further one of the most effective methods you could use would be to organise for groups of young men to play a contact sport for 2-3 hours per week then go to their main workplaces and homes as normal.

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