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Life after Walshaw,Taylor, and Dawson. by Stepney Seadog 1

Posted: 15/7/2020 at 18:08:55, 185 views.

Just a couple of thoughts to mull over before we start playing again. Having lost Walshaw , what type of player should replace him. ?
It has been known to convert big, strong, quick defenders into goal scoring centre forwards has worked for some teams. I believe that we already have such a player who would do the job.
Isaac Assenso combines all these attributes, his only fault is at times to overdo the footwork, but if he was in the opposition penalty area,then it could be to our advantage. So, who would replace him in defence ? Well, Bailey Gouda is in the frame and alongside Harry Coates and
Alledj with our classy midfield feeding Cartman, Coulson and (Connor) …another good forward.
Good luck to Buxton, however they may have done us a big favour. !
Comments anyone. ?

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Life after Wally by RainDog User: RainDog

Posted: 16/7/2020 at 11:32:10, 172 views. In reply to 'Life after Walshaw,Taylor, and Dawson.'

My thoughts are that much as I like him and it was a bit of a shock as one of three going, he turns 37 next season and I thought looked slower and a bit less sharp last year than year before. If we’re ever going up I reckon we’d be better with a younger striker good enough for promotion and to play in a division above. Cartman can perhaps be that type of player and maybe another decent new signing in his 20’s if we can find one? Fair point about Assenso but I’d leave him at the back myself. Tommy much harder to replace….

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RE: Life after Walshaw,Taylor, and Dawson. by Ant Taylor

Posted: 17/7/2020 at 16:14:43, 156 views. In reply to 'Life after Walshaw,Taylor, and Dawson.'

With Wally leaving this does free up DK option with playing Wally, Coulson & Cartman.

In reserve we have Blott, DK said McNaughton is back, then if we needed could use Brownie or even Beadle. Also can dip into U19 and Conner Avison is an option.

I can’t see DK going out for another striker!

I can see him getting two goalkeepers as think that’s what we need, maybe one like Morgs with a dual role as a coach or he could yet again look at U19 GK to sit on bench, get some experience and get an established number 1!

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