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Fans in stadiums by Dewsbury User: Dewsbury

Posted: 17/7/2020 at 15:51:06, 162 views.

News from the clown-in-chief today regarding fans being allowed into stadiums again from 1st Oct:

Whilst the Premier League & Championship will obviously press on playing games behind closed doors and subsisting on TV deal money, what happens to the rest of the game? Could leagues at this level realistically start up again with no fans in attendance, and therefore with a massive dent in their income?

Simon Cope - Was Chair Of Something Some Time Ago

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RE: Fans in stadiums by seadog365 User: seadog365

Posted: 17/7/2020 at 16:46:31, 166 views. In reply to 'Fans in stadiums'

I suspect they won’t restart until fans are allowed back in. Already we’re guaranteed a late start anyway because the fixtures haven’t been announced and nobody has arranged yet alone played any friendlies.

By my calculation if the season started on 3rd October and finished on 22nd May (date plucked out of thin air), and 2 Saturdays each were allowed for FA Cup and FA Trophy as usual, and there was no league cup or NRSC, we would probably need 11 midweek games (plus any required for replays, postponed matches etc)

But that’s all speculation and some way off yet.

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RE: Fans in stadiums by Stig

Posted: 20/7/2020 at 11:57:52, 125 views. In reply to 'Fans in stadiums'

Yeah. There’s now a contradiction between Johnson’s “spectators in stadiums from October" (he didn’t specifically say 1st October, so it could actually be any date during the month) and the FA’s recent guidance that step 3 games will re-commence on Saturday 19th September.

Someone, somewhere, hasn’t read the memo and it seems the FA might have gone off half-cocked with the announcement. Even a handful of games behind closed doors will screw up most clubs’ budgets. Clarity urgently required from the FA / govt to aid planning.

It’s pretty much a given that social distancing will limit crowds until a vaccine arrives, so last year’s FLS capacity increase from 2070 to 2800+ with the new Adverset stand, will help the club. Live streaming could be an additional option, but it’ll depend on the away team agreeing to an early or late kick-off because the FA has already said it won’t drop the restriction re: live broadcasting 3pm KOs next season for any clubs, irrespective of their level. Will other clubs agree to that? Some might, some won’t.

Also, factor in the announced reduction for FA Cup and Vase prize money because the FA is badly cash-strapped. Interesting times.

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