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Giving a manager time… by Dewsbury User: Dewsbury

Posted: 13/10/2021 at 10:50:56, 149 views.

The age old conundrum. Any team - and manager - is judged on results. And ours have not been great of late. How much time do you give a manager? Is there a development plan they are working to? Is there progress? Or are they stuck in a dead-end with no sign of improvement? What would a new manager have to do differently in order to improve performances on the pitch?

Simon Cope - Was Chair Of Something Some Time Ago

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RE: Giving a manager time… by Old Git

Posted: 13/10/2021 at 16:00:10, 114 views. In reply to 'Giving a manager time…'

Apparently there is a lot of debate taking place about this somewhere
online and Surfing Seadog habitues have been missing out.
Like you I’ve been waiting to read a few responses to your post and so far nothing, until now.

Lot of questions in there and my only response, at the moment, is to
address the ‘dead-end’ section.
I think defeat by Liversedge leaves us with not much to play for apart from
the North Riding Senior Cup & avoiding relegation.

I don’t want to rule out relegation because we’ve seen teams nosedive
from positions of respectability before but I can’t over emphasise how
‘looking forward to the North Riding Senior Cup’ is not what Seadogs
were expecting this season.

If there was a graph that showed progress this season
I think that it would probably be represented by a flat line.

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RE: Giving a manager time… by Armchairdog User: Armchairdog

Posted: 13/10/2021 at 16:23:38, 86 views. In reply to 'Giving a manager time…'

Going off facebook fan group opinions, the FlamStad had a serious design flaw when it was built. Nobody thought to install one of the revolving technical areas as seen on the Paddy Power advert. Fed up with the team performance over the past 15 minutes? press a button and hey presto! Jono disappears into room 101 to be replaced in a flash by a Lazarus-like Rudy Funk (complete with red & white scarf and frantic gesticulation).

Edited on 13/10/21 at 16:45:37
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RE: Giving a manager time… by Dunno

Posted: 13/10/2021 at 17:58:20, 96 views. In reply to 'Giving a manager time…'

I didn’t go last night as I was getting my gold fishes haemorrhoids lanced. Is anyone able to give us a bit of a match report. I don’t do social media at all so have seen nothing.

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re giving a manager time by Ian Thomas

Posted: 13/10/2021 at 21:20:46, 140 views. In reply to 'RE: Giving a manager time…'

Well to be honest I feel sorry for all those supporters who follow the Boro home and away the recent form has been up and down and to be honest is not acceptable I don’t think when John Deacey was in charge the results were as bad as this and look what happened to him.

This is nothing personal and i know Jono is a nice bloke but the results have been poor and I think last night was the icing on the cake! how do you give one decent performance and then follow it up with a shambles the players don’t go from good to bad over night it must be bad tactics or lack of motivation but how can a team not respond in front of a good crowd?. I just fear for the rest of this season because if something doesn’t change soon I think we could be in a relegation battle and this is not where this club belongs.

I hoped that Jono could have pulled it around but to be honest I think he has had his chance now, Just my thoughts.

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